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Award winning novelist,
ALLA CRONE, has been writing books since 1982. Eight of her novels were published, and she is now working on a new historical novel.

Alla was born in Harbin, Manchuria, of a Russian mother and a German father. As a teenager she and her family moved to Shanghai, China where she lived during the Japanese occupation.

After World War II she married a U.S. Army medical officer and came to the United States. She was later widowed, then remarried, and now resides in Santa Rosa, California with her husband, a retired college president.

Bilingual in English and Russian, Alla is a popular lecturer and gives talks to promote her books and describe her experiences during her many trips to Russia where she interviewed private citizens and visited their homes.


  • Poetry published in Russian language periodicals in the U.S., China, and Russia
  • Articles published in The Christian Science Monitor and The Michigan Quarterly Review
  • Novels:
    • RODINA
    • MAXIM

Four of the above novels won various awards. Three were translated into Italian and published in Italy. WINDS OVER MANCHURIA was translated into Russian and published in Russia. It was also translated (unauthorized) into Chinese and serialized in a newspaper in China. Excerpts from two of her works were published in periodicals in Russia. Alla Crone was interviewed by Voice of America and the interview was subsequently broadcast.


East Lies the Sun
“ was an immediate exciting book...historically accurate” (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)
“Another Zhivagian epic”   (Russian River News)

“Alla Crone’s byline will be eagerly sought by readers...the book brims with the authentic flavor of the time”   (Sonoma Index Tribune).

Winds Over Manchuria
“ is written with the style and tradition of Ayn Rand ”   (Book Reviews, L’Affaire de Coeur).

“A thrilling odyssey...the plot is vivid and intrinsic”   (National League of American Pen Women).

North of the Moon
“North of the Moon’s fine quality stems from her meticulous research, fascinating descriptions and well drawn characters--even minor characters are portrayed so well that the reader really cares about them.”  (New York Romantic Times)

“Three novels about history, culture and romance in the Soviet Union have propelled Alla Crone into national attention. North of the Moon captures the sweep and passion of the period and the authenticity is remarkable”   (San Mateo Times).

Legacy of Amber
“Alla Crone successfully blended the political, cultural and romantic themes making her story work on all levels.”  (Publishers Weekly)

“Alla Crone has a gift for creating a sense of place, whether it is Shanghai during the bombing of 1937, or San Francisco in 1947 ... The author also recreates the ominous atmosphere of the Cold War. The historical crisis intensifies her ( the heroine's ) own dilemma as a woman without a country. There are stormy passions here ... Vickie is a survivor and a kind of role model for women who want wholeness and harmony ... (The Press Democrat)

The Other Side of Life
“ Alla Crone has attempted to take us into unknown ... What happens when we die? Do all our hopes and dreams end in a second? Are all the lessons learned in one lifetime? These lessons and the personal connections of her characters make this a fascinating read. ” (Linda Loveland Reid, author of Touch of Majenta)

“ It's a gripping novel, riveting in so many ways. Alla Crone describes so deftly the setting, whether in the out-of-doors - breathtaking, the finest writing - or in one of her lavish court scenes. If you resonate with the poetry of her prose, you will delight in this novel. If you relish being transported to the palaces of princes and kings, this novel will send you thither. It's a heart-warming, mind-bending, soul-engaging trip. ” (Patsy Garlan, author (Viking Press, Prentice Hall, The Atlantic Monthly)

Captive of Silence
“ Alla Crone's Captive of Silence is written with an eloquence that is hard to find in writing. She captures the time period with finesse. To tell such a difficult story in such a compelling way is an art that Crone has mastered. Towards the end, I could not put this book down. Crone's writing is honest, poignant and genuine. I highly recommend her book, especially to learn history in a fascinating way and to be inspired by a person who can rise above an abusive and extremely difficult life. ” (Marlene Cullen, editor)

“ Alla Crone has written a touching, poignant novel that reads like an autobiography. Told in the first person by Nina who speaks to us as her confidants about her life from birth to the present, we learn her most intimate secrets. The historic events of Nina's life give us a personal peek into 20th century world history: her family was an eyewitness to the Russian Revolution, to the Russian outpost in Manchuria, to Shanghai during the Japanese occupation in WWII. We can easily identify with Nina and listen to her story that she tells us, her readers, how life has been for her. A powerful and courageous book! ” (Kate Farrell, author)



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